UCLA Basketball: Tony Parker Tweets He’s A Bruin, Won’t Transfer

The wait is over: UCLA big man Tony Parker, who was struggling for much of the 2012-13 season, has basically announced via Twitter that he does not have any intentions of leaving Westwood.

Amidst speculation — and after clear signs of dissatisfaction with the program on the part of Parker — the 6'9'' forward/center out of Georgia sent this tweet:

The implications and everything else, after the jump.

No one was sure if Parker would leave UCLA, and more often than not, he gave fans signs that he was deeply dissatisfied with the school. If you have forgotten, he once called Westwood "Fakewood" in an attempt to disparage the college town surrounding UCLA, hinting at his low morale.

After meeting with Alford though, it's clear that Parker feels he'll be a major part of the team for the 2013-14 season. With this, the "Transfer Curse" (which I just coined), which has plagued UCLA hoops under Ben Howland, has seemingly ended now that Howland is no longer the head coach.

Parker will return with fellow freshmen Kyle Anderson and Jordan Adams to put together a formidable group that could excel in various arenas next year. While Parker didn't get much playing time last season, he'll likely see increased minutes since Alford has never played favorites the way Howland did. Whether Parker will start, though, is a different story.

All we know is that Parker's back, and we're pretty damn happy about it.