UCLA’s Tony Parker Calls Westwood “Fakewood” On Instagram As His Decision To Return Looms

For months, speculation has run rampant regarding the future of UCLA big man Tony Parker. Ever since he was marginalized by Ben Howland back when Howland was coached, Parker has been at odds with his decision to take his talents to Westwood.

Back in January, when asked if he had regretted his decision, Parker infamously answered "no comment," and other quotes in the story proved to be indicative of his desire to leave Westwood at season's end.

Now, Parker has taken another shot at UCLA, this time on his Instagram account, in which he called Westwood "fakewood." From @UCLA_Nation:

(So much lolz at "plenty of white females" at Ohio State.)

And if you've forgotten, Parker is set to meet with Steve Alford upon his return to "Fakewood" to determine his future at UCLA.

While it's easy to label Parker as an ungrateful malcontent, part of his low morale is directly tied to Ben Howland's unwillingness to play Parker in even the most desperate of situations (when one of the Wear twins was injured, for example). 

It's also fair to note that Parker has admittedly been home-sick, and while calling Westwood "fakewood" is pretty stupid, it's tough to go home for school after a one-week vacation after not seeing your family for months. Your humble narrator knows the feeling. 

Still, this is just another indication that Parker could leave to go to a program closer to home. No one's sure about the outlook, but it's looking bleak.