UCLA Basketball ‘Boosters’ Are Drunk, Want Mark Gottfried As New Coach

In case you haven't heard, UCLA boosters have recently been reported to have obtained a massive hard-on for North Carolina State coach Mark Gottfried. This comes on the heels of discussions between VCU and its head coach Shaka Smart, likely one of UCLA's primary targets.

Go home, UCLA 'boosters.' You're drunk.

In essence, hiring Mark Gottfried out of N.C. State would be the equivalent of re-hiring Steve Lavin, minus all the previous tournament runs and any sort of experience at a high-pressure gig like UCLA.

This is primarily because Gottfried has severely underperformed given the talent at his disposal. Not only has Gottfried headed a middling program at Alabama (admittedly, it's harder to win in Tuscaloosa than at UCLA, but it's harder to win at a mid-major school than it is at Alabama), but his squad narrowly made the NCAA tournament this past season, and was bounced out in the first weekend. This all comes after he earned a highly-rated recruiting class in 2012, along with a promising cast of returning players which led to high expectations in the form of a preseason ranking of sixth in the country.

While he's only been at N.C. State for two years, he's nowhere near the type of coach that is considered a primary option. Take it from Backing the Pack, an N.C. State fan blog at SB Nation:

I mean, I at least expected the Bruins to have a look see at a few other guys before getting down to Gottfried, but now a group of boosters is already giving its undivided attention to Gott? Sheesh. I thought maybe if none of us uttered the name "Mark Gottfried" aloud, UCLA would just totally forget about him.

Clearly, he's not a sexy hire and he's one that would cause a lot of groans and moans. Think about the Jim Mora hire and throw in a lot more talks about banners and tradition. That's the reaction you'll get.

Of course, it's fair to note that the boosters could be anybody and we're sure a guy like Casey Wasserman isn't heading this. It also must be noted that Shaka Smart is not yet out of the question and if contract negotiations go to hell with VCU, UCLA is squarely in the picture again.

We'll keep an eye on all this nonsense for you.