Rysheed Jordan ‘Expected’ To Spurn UCLA, Choose St. John’s For Whatever Reason

Highly-touted basketball recruit and oddly-named point guard Rysheed Jordan is "expected to choose St. John's" over UCLA and Temple on Thursday, according to Adam Zagoria.

Of course, Zagoria's been wrong before and some would argue he's wrong more often than he's right. However, his "sources" are those close to St. John's, and if you keep up with college recruiting, then you'd know everyone is confident that they'd land every highly-touted recruit ever.

Still, if UCLA loses out on Jordan to St. John's, that'd be a pretty tough blow.

Because as we highlighted, UCLA could use a true, conventional point guard if Kyle Anderson isn't in the right situation to succeed as the offensive initiator. Behind Anderson, there are perhaps no playmakers, with Norman Powell or Allerick Freeman likely to play the role of point guard. If you've vetted these guys, you'd know this situation is not ideal.

Of course, another funny implication that probably has no bearing on UCLA coach Steve Alford's success is the fact that he would have lost a recruit to ex-UCLA coach Steve Lavin, currently the head coach at St. John's. While the crazies at Bruins Nation suggest Alford losing out on Jordan would be an "epic fail" (we're all 13-year-olds inside, aren't we?) it's pretty idiotic to assume UCLA had the inside track with the point guard. After all, the entire process has seen UCLA standing at third behind St. John's and Temple due to Jordan's preference to stay closer to home. We all know how BN works and it's best you ignore 'em.

Still, the pressure is infinitely ramped up for the 2014 recruiting class for Alford if the Bruins lose out on Jordan, because he'll have to land a big man and a point guard in the same class to prevent catstrophe from occurring the next year.

Overall, it's a waiting game – Jordan announces on Thursday, and we have no idea where he'll land.