UCLA Basketball: Tony Parker Tweets He’s A Bruin, Won’t Transfer

The wait is over: UCLA big man Tony Parker, who was struggling for much of the 2012-13 season, has basically announced via Twitter that he does not have any intentions of leaving Westwood. Amidst speculation — and after clear signs of dissatisfaction with the program on the part of Parker — the 6'9'' forward/center out […]

UCLA Basketball: Steve Alford’s Résumé, By The Numbers

It's been well over a week since UCLA hired Steve Alford as its head basketball coach and, despite this, no one is quite sure what to make of the hire. While many have accepted the fact that he's made New Mexico a hegemon within its conference, it's also well-known that his NCAA tournament success is […]

UCLA Extends Athletic Director Dan Guerrero’s Contract, Which Makes No One Happy

For a moment, it seemed as if Dan Guerrero's status at UCLA was uncertain. No longer, because UCLA has extended the contract of the oft-maligned athletic director through 2019, giving him a bump in pay along the way. Let's break down the official statement from UCLA athletics, after the jump. First, this: Since Guerrero's appointment […]

USC Basketball Makes The Hire No One Wanted To Make

First, a disclaimer. This is a UCLA blog. Let's get that straight. Let's also understand this: Every collegiate athletics fan lives by a few rules. One of those rules is knowing your rival nearly as much as you know your own team. While USC fans tend to play this off as an "obsession," their inability […]

UCLA Football: First Spring Practice Notes From Around The Web

UCLA football has now become the dominant topic in Westwood, and for good reason – it's time for spring football, and with all the narratives and uncertainties surrounding the Bruins (there aren't that many, but still), this spring will be one to keep your eye on. But while we're all UCLA football nuts, your humble […]

UCLA Football Spring Practice 2013: A Primer

It's officially football season.  UCLA football begins spring practice on Tuesday at 7 a.m., meaning absolutely no one will go without ingesting at least five cups of coffee.  Last season, fans came out in full force, filling Spaulding Field for over three-quarters of all practices. Back then, no one knew if Jim Mora would be […]

UCLA Basketball Hires Steve Alford, And No One Should Be Mad

In a surprising move to some, New Mexico head coach Steve Alford reneged on a 10-year contract extension to head west and become UCLA's new basketball coach. Alford coached New Mexico to its best years since the Lobos joined the Mountain West Conference, getting his program to three NCAA tournament appearances in four years, the […]

UCLA Basketball Reportedly Talking With Brad Stevens, But Is He A Good Fit?

Despite what the national media tells you, the head basketball coaching gig at UCLA is a prestigious one. While it's high-pressure and thus high-risk, it's also high-reward and winning in Westwood could make a coach nearly immortal. For that reason, it should come as no surprise that Brad Stevens reportedly has reciprocated interest in the […]

UCLA Basketball: Grading Jay Wright, Gregg Marshall And Other Potential Coaches

The UCLA hoops gig is one of the most high-profile coaching jobs in the nation. As one of the six college basketball bluebloods (despite what silly national media members say), pretty much every coach in the nation is a possible candidate. Of course, Butler head honcho Brad Stevens is likely a longshot, Shaka Smart is […]

UCLA Basketball ‘Boosters’ Are Drunk, Want Mark Gottfried As New Coach

In case you haven't heard, UCLA boosters have recently been reported to have obtained a massive hard-on for North Carolina State coach Mark Gottfried. This comes on the heels of discussions between VCU and its head coach Shaka Smart, likely one of UCLA's primary targets. Go home, UCLA 'boosters.' You're drunk. In essence, hiring Mark […]

UCLA Basketball: Ben Howland Fired After 10 Years

With UCLA's recent exit from the NCAA tournament, and after four years of unsuccessful campaigns, the program has fired head coach Ben Howland. The full details and some quotes after the jump. Ben Howland's buyout will be pretty hefty, as the coach will receive one worth $2.3 million due to the fact that he had […]

UCLA Basketball Loses To Minnesota, 83-63

Ladies and gentlemen, UCLA's Ben Howland era is officially over. As the Bruins were thoroughly destroyed by the Minnesota Gophers, 83-63, on Friday night, the writing was on the wall: This team had given up. The players, the coaches – they understood this was a last-stand type of deal, and they gave up.  Perhaps if […]

NCAA Tournament: Determining UCLA Basketball Coach Ben Howland’s Fate

It's no secret that the UCLA basketball gig could open up soon. With Ben Howland firmly on the hot seat, the likelihood that the ten-year head coach and the highest-paid employee in the University of California getting dismissed is currently a coin flip. Indeed, because of UCLA's underwhelming season, which saw the Bruins earn signature […]