Shabazz Muhammad, Prima Donna, Wasn’t Even UCLA’s Best Player In 2013

Perhaps the highest-profile player in the past half-decade at UCLA has also been the most polarizing for casual fans of college hoops and college basketball analysts alike. From the get-go, Muhammad was put under a microscope, his every action scrutinized—on the court and off of it.  This is expected. Muhammad was billed as a transcendent […]

Jim Mora, UCLA Athletics Welcome Gay Athletes, Coaches And So Should Everyone Else

With the topic of gay marriage and gay rights resurfacing recently — especially in the context of football, thanks to the efforts of NFL Bruins Chris Kluwe and Brendon Ayanbadejo — UCLA athletics took the correct stance on the issue. In a short clip, various UCLA athletes and coaches officially welcomed gay athletes and coaches […]

Steve Alford Issues Statement Regarding Rape Case At Iowa, Which Helps His Cause At UCLA

One of the biggest criticisms of the hiring of UCLA basketball coach Steve Alford was that he once defended a tried-and-true rapist during his time at Iowa. Iowa fans still hate him to this day, and the history that resurfaced has troubled UCLA fans everywhere. To add on to that, Alford seemed anything but regretful, […]

Rysheed Jordan ‘Expected’ To Spurn UCLA, Choose St. John’s For Whatever Reason

Highly-touted basketball recruit and oddly-named point guard Rysheed Jordan is "expected to choose St. John's" over UCLA and Temple on Thursday, according to Adam Zagoria. Of course, Zagoria's been wrong before and some would argue he's wrong more often than he's right. However, his "sources" are those close to St. John's, and if you keep […]

Rysheed Jordan Paramount to 2013 UCLA Basketball Recruiting Class

The 2012-13 NCAA men's basketball season is over. It ended when Louisville took home their own trophy on Monday night, which is just their third in program history. (Big deal – UCLA has 11; call us when you reach the halfway point, Rick Pitino.) With that, though, comes the scrambling associated with basketball recruiting. For […]

UCLA Basketball: Steve Alford’s Résumé, By The Numbers

It's been well over a week since UCLA hired Steve Alford as its head basketball coach and, despite this, no one is quite sure what to make of the hire. While many have accepted the fact that he's made New Mexico a hegemon within its conference, it's also well-known that his NCAA tournament success is […]

UCLA Extends Athletic Director Dan Guerrero’s Contract, Which Makes No One Happy

For a moment, it seemed as if Dan Guerrero's status at UCLA was uncertain. No longer, because UCLA has extended the contract of the oft-maligned athletic director through 2019, giving him a bump in pay along the way. Let's break down the official statement from UCLA athletics, after the jump. First, this: Since Guerrero's appointment […]

USC Basketball Makes The Hire No One Wanted To Make

First, a disclaimer. This is a UCLA blog. Let's get that straight. Let's also understand this: Every collegiate athletics fan lives by a few rules. One of those rules is knowing your rival nearly as much as you know your own team. While USC fans tend to play this off as an "obsession," their inability […]

UCLA Basketball Hires Steve Alford, And No One Should Be Mad

In a surprising move to some, New Mexico head coach Steve Alford reneged on a 10-year contract extension to head west and become UCLA's new basketball coach. Alford coached New Mexico to its best years since the Lobos joined the Mountain West Conference, getting his program to three NCAA tournament appearances in four years, the […]

UCLA Basketball Reportedly Talking With Brad Stevens, But Is He A Good Fit?

Despite what the national media tells you, the head basketball coaching gig at UCLA is a prestigious one. While it's high-pressure and thus high-risk, it's also high-reward and winning in Westwood could make a coach nearly immortal. For that reason, it should come as no surprise that Brad Stevens reportedly has reciprocated interest in the […]

UCLA Basketball: Grading Jay Wright, Gregg Marshall And Other Potential Coaches

The UCLA hoops gig is one of the most high-profile coaching jobs in the nation. As one of the six college basketball bluebloods (despite what silly national media members say), pretty much every coach in the nation is a possible candidate. Of course, Butler head honcho Brad Stevens is likely a longshot, Shaka Smart is […]

UCLA Basketball ‘Boosters’ Are Drunk, Want Mark Gottfried As New Coach

In case you haven't heard, UCLA boosters have recently been reported to have obtained a massive hard-on for North Carolina State coach Mark Gottfried. This comes on the heels of discussions between VCU and its head coach Shaka Smart, likely one of UCLA's primary targets. Go home, UCLA 'boosters.' You're drunk. In essence, hiring Mark […]

UCLA Basketball: Ben Howland Fired After 10 Years

With UCLA's recent exit from the NCAA tournament, and after four years of unsuccessful campaigns, the program has fired head coach Ben Howland. The full details and some quotes after the jump. Ben Howland's buyout will be pretty hefty, as the coach will receive one worth $2.3 million due to the fact that he had […]